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Pick Your Cabin Instructions:

This is a real time inventory of available cabins. If a cabin is colored GRAY and cannot be selected, then someone else has already picked tha cabin number so you must pick a different cabin. You will be able to see how many people have signed up (and how many cabins in a particular category is left) by checking back to see the progress.

When you hold your mouse over the cabin, a bubble will appear with the cabin number, cabin category and cost. When you click on the cabin, a detailed description will appear on the right, including the cost per person, port charges, the total cost and the deposit due at the time of booking. If you wish to book this cabin, click on the "Book Now" button. At this point the cabin in un-available to other customers. You have 15 minutes to complete your registration and pay your deposit, or the cabin will be placed back into the available inventory.