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Frequently Asked Questions

We have created this FAQ section for you to help in your selection of the proper adult cruise adventure. This may be your first adventure on a Lifestyles Cruise, or it could be your 10th adventure, but Lifestyles Cruise is here it make sure your adventure is perfect from the reservation to the sailing.

What is the difference between a normal sailing of Royal Caribbean or Celebrity Cruise ship and the complete take-over couples cruises?
Regular "Vanilla" crusie trips are completely different than a chartered ship. Take-over ships are chartered for 100% of the cabins and all of the control over the entertainment and attire (or no attire) allowed on the ship.
Why are these take-over cruises higher priced than normal cruises?
Normal cruises are generally operated by the cruise lines. They can sail a ship without all of the cabins sold and it does not cost them except for lost revenue. When a take-over ship is chartered, the legitimate charters most often secure the contracts with over a million dollars. Evey cabin on the ship is paid for in advance by the charter company. This is a huge investment, and if a ship sails with unsold cabins the charter company "eats" the loss from the unsold room. (plus contract fines for unsold cabins)
How can I be sure the money I invest on a charter a year in advance afe and the ship will actually sail?
The easy answer to the question is to do business with a reputable company with a strong financial and capable of sailing the ship when all of the cabins are not sold. In the past there has been charter companies that went out of business and the many customers lost out. Right Connections Travel and Lifestyles Cruise properly "vet" the charter companies we work only with know cruise lines and companies that are financially sound. Some agencies just love commissions, we love happy customers!
Do you offer Travel Insurance?
Yes we do offer Travel Insurance and we STRONGLY recommend you buy this coverage. You have no idea what might change in your life over the year, but if you don't buy your cabin early, you may miss the boat or get a left-over cabin. So buy early and buy Travel Insurance. What if mom is dying in a nursing home, or one of the kids is in an accident? Be totally covered for a very reasonable price.
Rest assured when Right Connections / Lifestyles Cruise accepts your deposit monies for a charter cruise, your money is safe with us and you are these ships are sailing. If you don't see an advertised charter listed on our site, this means Right Connections / Lifestyles Cruise has not been satisfied the company structure and Principles are strong enough to insure sailing as expected.
Are these cruises nude cruises?
Our cruises are all "Clothing-Optional" cruises. The is a huge difference in a clothing-optional cruise and a nude cruise. The nude cruises the people are generally naked everywhere, even dinner. The clothing-optional cruises are generally any state of dress or undress at the pool decks. At night the participants are dress very skimpy, sexy and erotic.
Are these "Swinger Cruises?"
Lifestyles Cruise uses charter companies that offer a mix of clients. There are "Sexy Couples" that are on-board for a erotic vacation together and socializing with the other participants, but not sharing their beds. There are also "Clothing-Optional" couples that enjoy the extra freedom clothing-optional cruises offer over the strict rules on the nude cruises. You can wear or not wear what you want. This is especially desired by persons not comfortable with certain portions of their bodies exposed, while enjoying the nudity of the remaining parts. And there are "Swingers" aboard the ship interesting in socializing and becoming intimate with other couples. All sexual activity is restricted in the dedicated "Play Rooms" established by the charter companies ... (large night clubs converted to Play Rooms) ... and personal cabins. If you have sex in public other than the dedicated play rooms, you WILL be let off the ship at the next port.
Are there fun "Theme Nights" on the ships?
Absolutely ... the outfits are truly amazing. Some couples go all out on theme attire, while others slightly appear to participate. A few months before your sailing you will be sent update newsletters with all of the themes for the week you will be sailing.
How can we meet couples BEFORE we go on the cruse?
You can go to http://LifestyleCruiseShip and post a mini profile and meet new couples. This is a fun thing to do because you will have couples waiting to meet you at the dock beofore you board trhe ship. Actually you will probably see them at one of the many pre-cruise "Meet & Greet" parties.
How much does alcoholic beverages cost?
The drinks on the ship are not out of the normal for liquor and beer. You can on many of our cruises purchase a "Drink Pass" which allows you to drink all day and not pay anything extra for your drinks. This is great for drinking people and not so useful for light or non-drinkers.
How much money do I need to bring?
You only need money for when you are off-ship. Everything including the tips are included in your cabin cost. If you buy drinks, they go onto your ship card and charged to your credit card on file before you leave the ship. Cash is good for leaving the ship for gift and trinket shopping. Excursions can be charged to your ship card.

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